Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.5μm size particle retention. This binder free material is manufactured using a proprietary glass chemistry which permits usage in high heat applications beyond typical borosilicate glass blends. Ideally suited for determination of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) ignited at 550°C Standard Method 2540E. Low fiber shedding improves quality assurance of test results and low percentage of weight loss when used in gravimetric tests. High loading capacity is an attribute of the high surface area and complex pore structure. Material is also compliant with the requirements of Standard Method 2540C & 2540D, as well as EPA Method 160.2 for establishing water quality in suspended solids content. Total Suspended Solids are defined as those which are retained by a “glass-fiber filter disk without organic binder.” Widely used in air pollution monitoring, high temperature flue gas, and filtration of high temperature solvents.
Our filters are washed and rinsed under vacuum with three, 20mL aliquots of deionized water, which removes any loose fibers that could affect the filter’s constant weight.
TSS Filters are dried at 105°C in a laboratory oven, then cooled and dessicated for 24 hours.
FVS Filters are dried at 105°C in a laboratory oven then placed in a muffle furnace at 550°C for at least 15 minutes to remove any volatile components and then cooled and dessicated for 24 hours.
Our washed and dried filters are packaged 100 per box with a packet of desiccant.

• Fastest Flow Rate
. Laser cut
. Washed and dried 3 times
• High Load Capacity
• Retention of particles to sub-micron size
• Temperature range up to 550º C
• Use in liquid and gaseous filtration
• Inert fiber composition
• Free of binders or additive

F92447VOL 47FVS-WD