ACCUSCIENCE is proud to provide a number of products for Virus testing and prevention to the Healthcare labs as well as Drinking and waste water facilities.

In response to how fast COVID-19 spreads, ACCUSCIENCE is proud to Extend products like IPA-Wipes ( Cotton-Woven), Bulk Hand Sanitizers available in 10 & 20L that can help in reducing the COVID spread on surfaces; In addition, ACCUSCIENCE can extend Filter media for artificial respiratory devices, Low Retention Sterile Filter Pipette Tips, Microcentrifuge Tubes in self-Standing Bags,  MultiChanels Pipettors, CRYOGENIC VIALS,…

Filter media for artificial respiratory devices:

Invasive ventilation is used to assist or replace breathing when a person is unable to breathe adequately on their own. Additionally, in recent decades, Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) devices have been employed increasingly for short-term use in anesthesia and long-term use in intensive care units.

Our venting filter media are specifically developed for devices that are in common use in the treatment of patients with respiratory disorders.

These filters offer protection by removing bacteria and viruses before they enter the patient’s airway, bringing thus a crucial contribution in the prevention of healthcare-associated infection.

At the same time, venting filters reduce the number of pathogens a patient exhales into the air, contributing to protecting the healthcare staff and other patients.

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