About us

Mission Statement                                         

Our goal at Accu Science is to provide our clients with the highest quality of analytical lab supplies at competitive pricing, backed by reliable customer Service and Technical Support.

Accu Science is an independently owned and operated Canadian, U.S distributor, which specializes in distributing ICP & ICP-MS consumables, block digestion equipment, ICP & ICP-MS standards, and inorganic  proficiency testing standards.

We distribute from our  warehouses based in Tampa, FL.


Customer Comments:

I wanted to thank-you for all your help with all my orders!

You have been very attentive to my needs and are very thorough on your follow-ups, as well as maintaining stock and quick delivery times.

You also provide great pricing, compared to other suppliers and the actual companies who sell the same exact product (to their own instruments).

I haven’t had any issues with the quality of your products.

  • An environmental laboratory  in CANADA


Accu Science was extremely helpful and responsive with our questions about the DEENA digestion system.  ACCU SCIENCE immediately got back to us with quotes and other information needed before we could make the decision to purchase the DEENA system.  We have been very happy with the DEENA.  It works well, is easy and flexible to use, and does all it was promised to do.  It has

increased our productivity and saved a great deal of employee time as compared to our previous microwave digestion system.

  • An environmental laboratory in California