Mixed Cellulose Ester

Membrane filters are surface Micro-filtration filters used to remove particulates on and near the surface of the filter matrix by mechanical means. They are made of different polymers and are selected to meet the particular filtration challenge.

Mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane filters are optimized for use with a variety of sample media and applications–including large-volume samples–by providing a uniform pore structure, consistent thickness, and a smoother surface than their pure nitrocellulose counterparts. Our MCE membranes are designed for quick and easy identification of surface-retained particles and decreased eye fatigue. These filters are available with a variety of custom features. We offer white discs to observe changes in color; black discs that contrast microorganisms, yeast, and mold and facilitate manual counting without a counter-stain; and gridded options for both colors to accurately quantify microbial growth/colonies. Additionally, sterile membranes are available for use with critical samples.