Glass Fiber Syringe Filter

ACCUSCIENCE Glass fiber Syringe filters designed and Manufactured with top selected materials to achieve greatest performance , glass fiber syringe filter is designed for clarification of extremely viscous samples that may clog a membrane filter. Accuscience Syringe filters with High mechanical stability , excellent flow characteristics and very low extractable levels are highly recommended to use in All Laboratories and researches demands.


  • Pre-filter viscous serum and tissue media samples prior to analysis

  • Filtration of cell media separations prior to sterilization

  • Clarify dirt particulates-laden samples

  • High dirty loading contamination capacity

Technical Specifications

  • Membrane material: Glass fiber Hydrophilic

  • Filter Housing: made from PP

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°C

  • Pressure: 87 (psi)

  • Non sterile


  • Use with dirt-handling Media

  • Hydrophilic Membrane Material

  • Excellent with organic solvents and strong acids

  • Used for solvent filtration to avoid binder extractions